Anna Friend

Martha Bessell Friend

Wendla Bergmann Friend

Melchior Gabor Crush
Remy Zaken, Kimiko Glenn, Evelyn Hoskins, Emily Mest, Amelia Hensley (with Lauren Luiz as her voice)

Thea is a schoolgirl who truly believes the teachings of the adults. For instance, when Martha's abuse is uncovered, Thea parrots her uncle's, "If you don't discipline a child, you don't love it."

She is good friends with Anna, Martha, and Wendla.

She is shown to have a crush on Melchior. She is brash and confrontational. In the Deaf West production, she has a twin sister named Melitta who is hearing and serves as her interpreter/voice.

Fun Facts Edit

  • In Deaf West, she is Deaf.
  • Shown to not like Moritz Stiefel as he gives her a candy in the play and she freaks out about it for like a whole monologue.
  • Shown to think Hanschen is gross. ("Last one there has to hold hands with Hanschen!")

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