Fanny Gabor

Smaller Mother 4

Herr Gabor: husband

Melchior Gabor: son

Moritz Stiefel: second 'son'


Fanny Gabor is the mother to Melchior Gabor and second 'mother' to Moritz Stiefel. She is an interesting character in Spring Awakening, as she is perhaps the only adult who displays a true desire to communicate with the children, and to understand where they are coming from. She is willing to talk to them like friends and to consider their needs and desire.

Moritz Edit

Moritz has a close relationship with Frau Gabor; he sees her as a friend and a mother figure. Frau Gabor tells Moritz to take it easy and to not put his studies in front of his health, after having learned he was not sleeping in order to study. When Moritz discovers his failure in school he goes to her for money/a chance to escape. However, she can not supply the money he requires in order to flee to America, but instead offers to write to his parents to help soften their punishment on him.

Melchior Edit

Frau Gabor has had the primary authority in terms of raising Melchior. She has tried to bring him up into a free and liberal environment, letting him learn and do much as he pleases, just as long as she or Herr Gabor do not get insulted by his actions. This has 'failed' Melchior however as he became 'corrupted' and so Herr Gabor stepped in to take authority over him. Mrs. Gabor i s completely opposed to the idea of punishing Melchior, for she refuses to see his actions as a crime. She focuses on the fact that Melchior is being made a "scapegoat" for Moritz's death, and does not believe that Melchior's "treatise" could have had anything to do with Moritz's suicide. However Herr Gabor feels that "women are not qualified to judge such matters" and that her judgment is blinded by her selfish desires to cloud Melchior from the worlds credulity. Mr. Gabor wins his wife over to his side, because he is able to prove that Melchior has not only written about sexually depraved things, but has actually committed a sexually depraved act. Mrs. Gabor's convictions are undermined by her horror at Melchior's actions. She believes that she is responsible for the event, and bows to Mr. Gabor's judgment to send Melchior to reformatory school.

Fun Facts Edit

  • Fanny's first name was changed to Clara in the UK rendition


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