he's the best

Looks so nasty in those khakis!

Looks so crowded in those trousers!

Fun Facts Edit

  • In the Deaf West production, the sign used by Andy Mientus for khakis was "pants, package". This basically resulted in him grabbing his crotch.
  • In the musical, Bobby can be considered a classmate to the boys, or simply a name, dropped in the song, The Bitch of Living
  • It's hypothesized that Bobby is based on Robert from the play but there is little conclusive evidence of this, besides the related names.
  • As he was wearing khakis, even if he was not credited for that part officially, it is considered Sean Grandillo (Voice of Otto/Bass/Conductor) played him in the 2015 Deaf West Revival. Sean Grandillo confirmed this sort of and it is staged that Hanschen signs the Bobby Maler at him.
  • In the German version he is Lukas Meir from the choir who looks sharp with tie

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